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Conference Measures of protection of rights in public administration, their system and effectiveness 2016

The conference, in some aspects, builds on the workshop, held in June 2014 at Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, and which resulted in the issue of thematic yearbook (Measures of Protection of Individual Rights in Public Administration: Yearbook. Edited by Soňa Skulová - Alena Kliková - David Hejč. 1st ed. Brno: Masaryk University, 2014. 186 p. ISBN 978-80-210-7537-5).     

The purpose of the conference which should represent completion and presentation of the project activities, is to both to build on the outcomes of the afore-mentioned workshop and to deepen and broaden knowledge relating to the protection of rights in public administration, not only in terms of science of administrative law, but as well as administrative science, both domestic and foreign

The conference should create a floor for presentation of the knowledge and opinions, as well as for discussing the findings stemming from the Czech and foreign legal systems, doctrine, case-law or administrative practice, all related to the topic of measures of protection of individual rights in public administration, and to the effectiveness (not only economically-wise) of these measures, both individually and comprehensively (as a part of broader system of protection of rights in public administration).

The organizers presume the conference will provide a further space for identification or analysis of the problematic aspects of the legislation, interpretation and as well as the practical application of the said measures which are in the disposition of the individuals, mainly from the aspect of effectiveness of legislation. Next the outcomes of the conference should point out some of the directly related and connected issues, concepts and institutions. The conference should also provide a space to confront each other’s opinions and experience, as well as to mutually inspire to ponder on new, non-traditional solutions and procedures.           

The conference is organized by the Department of Administrative Science and Law within the long-term project „Measures of Protection of Individual Rights in Public Administration, their system and effectiveness“, financed by the Czech Science Foundation (GA13-30730S).